The Stunning Look Of Diamonds

A pair of Asha diamond earrings will complete any wardrobe with the stunning and amazing look of natural diamonds without the cost. Asha diamonds are simulated diamonds, not naturally occurring diamonds that are mined. Asha employs a unique method of creating its diamonds that yields a truly incredible simulated diamond whose surface is an actual lab-grown amorphous diamond.

Asha simulated diamonds are the only diamond simulant that can truly mimic the sparkle, lustre and brilliance of real diamonds. With actual diamond carbon bonds, these Asha simulants can compare with real diamonds in laboratory tests. Just as cultured pearls offer the beauty and lustre of pearls at a fraction of the cost, Asha simulants offer the same type of savings with diamonds. Asha simulants are often used as an alternative in fine jewelry to the much higher cost of using natural diamonds.