The Tempus Irrigation Controller

Tempus Irrigation Controller is a new irrigation controller system from Tempus. It can control surface water temperatures and maintain them for the longest period possible. It can monitor the temperature of the water pumped through its system and be programmed to come on and off at predetermined times to help keep your plants healthy. It can run independently or be linked with your Tempus pump. The Tempus ITC comes with over 12 programmable features. These features include the growth cycle time, preheat settings, reservoir capacity, total capacity, time between checks, and water level indicator.

The Tempus Irrigation Controller will pay for itself very quickly. It also works with the pump to ensure the proper function of the pump for maximum irrigation results and to ensure that the pump is working at its optimal temperature. Using this system also allows the pump to be stored away from the water source to not be damaged during an outburst in water flow.