Tooth Whitening Services In Eastwood

In recent years, sophisticated whitening devices have appeared in medical centers. The product used contains a very low concentration of oxygen peroxide, similar to over-the-counter products. But the effectiveness of the product is enhanced with a bleaching lamp that projects a bluish light on the teeth. Light is applied to the teeth for about 20 minutes for optimal efficiency. This bleaching, however, lasts only a few days, unlike bleaching in a dental office.

Tooth Whitening Services in Eastwood improve the appearance of teeth and enhances self-confidence. Indirectly, it can bring a lot of well-being to an individual and help him to flourish. Many celebrities and politicians use teeth whitening but it is nonetheless to practice with caution.

Bleaching should only be done on healthy teeth in a healthy mouth. The presence of cavities, oral lesions or other oral diseases is a red signal that should discourage the use of bleaching.