Top 3 Unique Composts That You Can Use To Boost Your Organic Soil

Composting is one of the most recommended ways of boosting the quality of organic soils. It not only enriches soil by helping it to retain its moisture but it also suppresses plant diseases and pests. Here are three unique types of compost that you can use to boost your organic soil in California:

1. Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost can make a great contribution to your organic garden. It’s a great soil conditioner for topdressing your lawn.

2. Utility Mulch

This mulch contains deposits of softwood and hardwood. It’s dark in color and is meant to improve the quality of your soil. It’s suited for suppressing weed growth and maintaining the soil structure of your tree plantation.

3. Compost tea

This is simply a nutritionally-rich and well balanced organic supplements that are made by steeping aged compost in water. The live microbes in this type of compost will go a long way in enhancing the soil and immune system of your plants.

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