Types Of Accredited Cancer Treatment Centers In South Yarra

Cancer needs specialized treatment and it is always recommended to find a treatment center that can meet or cater for your specific needs. When scouting for the best center for cancer treatment South Yarra, therefore, a good place to begin your search is accredited cancer centers. All Accredited centers in South Yarra meet certain set standards and fall into two main categories:

1. Cancer Centers: These can carry out clinical, laboratory, and population-based research. Although most of the centers in South Yarra provide care for people with cancer, some only conduct laboratory research.

2. Comprehensive cancer centers: These do the same activities as cancer treatment centres. However, they also offer community outreach and educational programs.

There is also national Clinical Trials Network, which comprise of researchers, health care professionals, and doctors who conduct cancer clinical trials in South Yarra and across the country.

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