Understanding Edge Pro Stones

For more than 30 years, Edge Pro sharpening tools have revolutionized our experience when sharpening knives. Behind the success of the system are Edge Pro Stones that have so far proven true to their task. Ranging from very fine to extremely coarse, you can always get something to keep your knife in optimal shape.

Edge Pro sharpening stones are marked according to their degree of fineness. They feature a fine mesh-micron with about 0.062″ resin bond and 0.188″ aluminum back, giving it a total of 0.25″ thickness. It is this professional make that makes them durable when used as specified.

To give your knife and stone a longer life, apply only a little pressure when using Edge Pro diamond stones. Be careful when sharpening softer blades as they tempt users to exert more pressure. However, this only fastens the wear on your stones especially when using finer grit grades. Keeping the stones wet is a great way to improve their performance.