Understanding Home Electrical Installation

The growth of renewable power for Home Electrical Installation is due to technological innovation that has increased production efficiency and drastic drop in prices, in particular for wind energy and solar energy.

In 2017, the historic minimum for the cost of electricity produced from photovoltaics was reached, 1.5 cents per kilowatt hour, a value that literally tore the already record minimum price of 2016. Among the renewable energy, solar energy it will become the cheapest source for generating electricity, especially in China and India.

In Europe, it will be the wind that holds the record for economy and starting from 2030, thanks to a combined growth of onshore. The energy from the wind could thus become the main source of electricity in the European Union in an energy mix where renewables should rise to 80 percent. At the world level, the great change will be China, where the economic transformation sees the service sector grow.