Unique Soil Products For Boosting Your Soil’s Edaphic Conditions In California

Whether you are going to garden on the ground or in pots, you will need to consider soil amendments. Generally, soil amendments are not necessarily fertilizers but additives that are added to boost the physical properties of soil such as texture. In California, there are several certified organic soil additives and products that you can always add to enhance your soil’s edaphic conditions. Two of the most common additives include:

1. Classic Compost

This type of compost contains compost fines and wood deposits. The compost is passed through a fine screen system (1/2″). It is a great soil conditioner that is suited for topdressing and terrace seeding.

2. Premium Compost

This compost is fine textured. It contains compost wood deposits just like its classic counterpart. The only outstanding difference is the screening (1/4″). The compost has similar roles as the Classic.