UV Light Germ Killer

You can install a UV Light Germ Killer in strategic areas to improve air quality. These include air ducts, drain pans, and cooling coils. These tend to be problematic because of the presence of moisture and dirt. With a UV light on duty 24/7, mold and bacteria will not be able to thrive. The family will feel the benefits of this novel germ-fighting apparatus.

Just make sure that you purchase a well-designed and reliable product for this purpose. Find something that have a high UV-C for its given voltage output for best results. It would also be great if it had wide-range ballast and high surge protection. These will ensure safety and longevity. Check their lamp replacement guidelines as well. Although these are designed to last for a long while, you want to make sure that you won’t have a hard time replacing the lamps when you need to.

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