Vaping Damiana Can Improve Your Sexual Life

Vaping is fun and exciting but vaping Damiana leaf offers you immediate relaxation. Damiana for vaporizers is gaining popularity as the best herb for mood due to its uplifting effects. Traditionally, the herb was used as a tonic for depression and worn out nerves but it is now considered essential for women health especially those experiencing irritability, mood drops, and cramps during periods. The herb can help increase intimacy, melt frigidity and improve the enjoyment of sex.

The herb is native to Mexico, Texas, Central and South America. Studies have shown that the use of Damiana can increase sexual activities in rats. Experts also believe that the use of the herb has the same high effects as that of marijuana but being milder. Today, the herb is being used as an anti-anxiety, as an aphrodisiac, and to obtain a legal high. Some of its effects include feeling more energetic, improved sexual fitness and increased libido.

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