What Is A Deck Waterproofing Membrane And Do I Need One?

A deck waterproofing membrane is essential to keeping your deck in good condition. Many people don’t even know this, let alone that they need one!

What should I know about this?

A deck membrane is a material that prevents water from seeping into the wooden structure underneath your deck. This helps keep your deck’s structural integrity intact and prevents problems like mold growth, damage to the wood under your deck, and rot in general. Many different types of materials are available for creating these protective layers, including special caulking products, tar or asphalt coatings, coverings made from EPDM rubber sheets (commonly known as EPDM roofing), special plastic film coatings with adhesive on one side, and even concrete slabs.

Choosing the suitable membrane for your particular situation can be tricky, as each type of material has its benefits and drawbacks. Factors to consider when selecting a membrane include the size of your deck, the height above ground level, and the weather conditions in your area. It’s also important to carefully assess the situation of your current deck and determine whether repairs are needed before adding this protective layer.

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