What Is A Garden Brush?

What is a Garden Brush? Also called a garden broom, it is used to sweep up loose leaves, dirt, and or other loose articles laying around in and around the garden.

Depending on the bristles it can also be used for other things as well like :

  • scrubbing off persistent and hardy moss off the garden paths (these will have a short bristle made of a hard and sturdy material so to get rid of any stubborn obstacle on the paving)
  • raking up insects stuck onto the plants and grass ( will have very long bristles and is found with huge gaps in between the bristles to allow the insects to be caught in the bristles but not damage the plant or grass)
  • keeping the surface of the leaves of plants, the grass as well as some trees barks of fungi which can damage it (usually made out of rubber or soft plastic that has a surface that will rub the plant or grass and remove these fungi without damage it.