What Is Green Maid Service?

cleaning-serviceGreen maid service is the eco-friendly alternative to home, office and industrial cleaning. For many professional cleaning companies, green cleaning is just another trend that requires products labeled “natural.” Green house and office cleaning is merely an extension of what we do on a daily basis, notably keeping our workers and families safe.

Allergens, germs and bacteria can make people sick. Environmentally-friend cleaning methods can help reduce those dangers. Our professional housekeepers will disinfect your premises against rhinovirus and other common causes for colds, influenza and allergies. Green cleaning includes disinfecting surfaces such as railings, door knobs and other commonly used areas where contaminants live. It also involves using proven methods to reduce mold spores and dust and prevent them from returning.

Our cleaning methods do not include any harmful chemicals such as heavy metals, ammonia and chlorine. Safe, natural cleaners are substituted for green cleaning methods. In addition, green cleaners avoid ingredients such as petroleum distillates, phosphates and nonylphenol surfactants, all of which can harm the environment at large following disposal. Green cleaning protects the world for future inhabitants.