What Is Plumbing Backflow?

People often think of “plumbing backflow” as simply a clogged drain. Unfortunately, this type of issue is not that simple. When plumbing backflow issues occur, clean, potable water can actually become contaminated with wastewater. This means that a plumbing problem exists that is allowing wastewater to enter water supply pipes. If this occurs, it must be dealt with immediately, because contaminated water poses a significant health risk. Additionally, backed up sewage can cause damage to a home and its plumbing system.

There are various reasons why this can occur. Unbalanced pressure within the plumbing system can be a cause, as can damaged sewer lines or a malfunctioning backflow preventer. In some cases, the issue may actually be caused by the municipal water supply.

Regardless of the cause, it is important to contact an experienced plumber immediately whenever there is a possibility of wastewater backflow. An experienced plumber will be able to identify the underlying cause, fix the problem, and restore the water supply to safe sanitation levels.