What To Expect From Firefighter Recruitment Processes

Screening for firefighting position is especially intense. There is a lot that candidates must accomplish in order to prove their ability and worth within this industry. This screening starts with basic testing on the practices and protocols of this industry. Fortunately, interested parties can read through practice exams online, access sample questions, and read feedback from people who gone through this testing before. Psychological evaluations are also performed as part of the firefighter recruitment process. These exist to learn more about the moral standing of the individual, the decision-making style that the applicant uses, and his or her ability to remain focused, honest, and on task in challenging situations. Character assessments are completed to this same end as well. Although a person might be mentally and physically qualified for this job, there are specific attributes that this same individual will need to possess in order to ensure personal safety, and the safety of other firefighters and citizens affected by any natural disaster or fire event.