What You Need To Know About New Outboard Prices

Outboard prices have gone up in recent months, and new outboard prices are much higher than last year. We will lay out the three most important things to know about new outboard prices:

  1. One reason new outboards cost more is because of the rise in raw materials like aluminum and plastics over the past few years. Raw material costs go up; we pay for it with increased product costs at retail outlets.
  2. The other main reason for this increase is because of new engine technology such as direct injection engines, which require expensive electronics and fuel systems.
  3. New outboard prices can be significantly reduced by doing a little research and not settling for the first new model you see advertised.

New outboards don’t cost more because of new technology, new materials used to make them, or brand new models on the market. They do so because we, as consumers, are willing to pay that price at retail stores. A new outboard will add between 15 and 20 percent to the price of a new boat. There are ways that you can reduce this, though, by shopping around, looking at used options, or waiting for rebates from your favorite marina.