When To Apply For The Court Record Expungements?

Other people can be stopped from accessing criminal case files with the help of court record expungements. If a person satisfies all specified criteria, the court can clear the expungement application and seal the whole criminal case record. Records in both paper and electronic forms are sealed by the court. No one is allowed to access the case file without getting a court order. Without this order by the court, the criminal case file is available to anyone who applies for it or has access to the online public records of the courts.

It is important to note that all types of criminal records cannot be expunged. A person under the age of 25 can apply for the sealing of criminal case record. The case should not carry more than six years of imprisonment. The person must have completed the sentence successfully. Underage individuals can apply for this order after reaching the age of 17. There are many other conditions that a person must fulfill before the judge allows expungement of case record.