Where To Buy Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are traditional handwoven rugs. There is a rich history behind these rugs however the modern-day rugs are almost identical to these traditional rugs. These rugs are flat woven and not piled. Therefore there is a specific method to creating them and most of the work used to be done by hand. These rugs have various purposes. They can be used to keep dirt out of the home by using them just inside your door. They can be used to give a room a cozier feeling and ultimately it’s used for decorative purposes. A colorful kilim rug adds life to any room inside the home, however, it is commonly used in the living room. Nowadays, these rugs are created by machines. This drastically speeds up the time taken to create a kilim rug which is approximately one day with the machine as opposed to the 8 to 9 months creating it by hand.

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