Why Invest In A Flexible Solar Panel?

Flexible solar panels?

Yes, a solar panel that reminds you of yoga when you start using it. Much of the flexibility lies in the mechanics, that is, being able to tilt it to suit the weather patterns.

With the world gradually shifting from fossil fuel energy to clean renewable energy, it isn’t unusual to see sky facing solar panels on the roofs of many a building. But however new solar energy use is, manufacturers have made great strides in this fledgling ingenuity. For example:

* Sun Tracking: In order to mnaximise on the sun’s availability, solar panel manufacturers have begun experimenting with automated solar panels that move in accordance with the sun’s position in the sky.

* Weather tolerance: It wont always be sunny days even though it’s summer. Whilst most solar panels are made to be weather resistant, not all of them are. A flexible solar panel will be able to tolerate changes in the weather and still remain effective.

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