Why Understanding Mining Regulations Is Important

The mining industry is growing at an incredible speed. Investors are keen to get a share of the valuable minerals found deep beneath the earth. If you have an interesting in investing in the mining industry, then it will be prudent first to understand Mining Regulations that have been put across to govern the mining industry. Some of the standard regulations include;

Clean Air Act

As the name suggests, this is a rule that is meant to ensure that minors and all other stakeholders in the mining industry do not pollute the air around them. Mining activities are known to cause massive air pollution and what this means if the minors cannot account for their actions, the general public will suffer. A mining company is supposed to put measures in place to ensure that dust and other harmful emissions from the mining site do not harm the general public.

Clean Water Act

The clean water act works to protect water sources from being exposed to toxic chemicals resulting from the mining process. The main objective of this act is to ensure that water catchment is safe from all kinds of solutions that you can originate from mining activities. You can imagine what will happen if toxic substances are released to water sources consumed by millions of people.