Why Use Perspex Sheeting?

Perspex sheet also known as clear cast acrylic is a versatile and high quality material. This clear sheet offers high level of clarity and strength. It is a lightweight material that can be used in various applications. People use Perspex sheeting for signage, furniture, glazing, model fabrication, point of sale, retail display and other purposes. It is different from plastic sheets because it is not that prone to scratches. Its hard surface retains high gloss finish for a long time.

This special acrylic sheet is weather resistant so it can be used in outdoor applications without any issue. There is no loss of colour and gloss even after years of environmental stress. It is a good alternative to glass sheets in many applications. A Perspex sheet is preferred in some applications where use of a glass sheet can be unsafe, heavy or impractical. Compared to the glass and metal sheets, a Perspex sheet is easy to fabricate and shape. There are many companies that offer custom cutting and shaping services for these sheets.

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