Winning The Spot The Ball Game: You Need Skill Or Guesswork?

It is important to note that in the Spot the Ball game, the organizers are fee to place the ball in any position that they deem fit. This is due to the gambling rule that state that it is unlawful to gamble on sporting events that have already happened. So though they might use the original position of the ball, they don’t have to. In fact, they can even place the ball at the opposite side of the real original location or position of the ball. Nonetheless, this would be unfair and misleading.

Therefore, when playing the Spot the football game, it is important to exercise some amount of skilled judgment but not to rely on it too much. People who have won the game are not master physicist but just lucky individuals. Put simply, winning the Spot the Ball boils down to a mixture of skilled judgment and luck.

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