Womens Health Kalgoorlie Basics

Insulin is a hormone that is essential to nutrient transport it binds to cells, “opens the gate” and lets nutrients such as carbohydrates and amino acids into the cell. When insulin is working efficiently, blood glucose responses to meals are lower and this promotes better fat metabolism over the long term. Therefore, any nutrient that can enhance insulin effects will improve insulin efficiency, cellular recovery and your results from intense exercise.

There are a number of everyday foods that have been shown in research to improve insulin sensitivity, Womens Health Kalgoorlie and blood sugar control. Coffee contains chlorogenic acids that slow the release of sugar into the blood stream. Green tea extract is shown to increase GLUT-4 receptors in muscle cells that enhance glucose transport into cells.

Cinnamon and red wine contain polyphenols that act as insulin mimickers to improve insulin efficiency. ln fact, taking just half-teaspoon of cinnamon a day may reduce blood sugar levels by 18 to 29%. That’s bound to enhance fat loss if you’re following a calorie restricted diet.

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