3 Ways To An Instant Quick Mood Boost

The world is a little crazy right now… but finding ways to feel in control in a time that feels a little out of it can really help. It´s the small things, ya know? Whether you are going on a Zoom date or just want to get your mind off of the news…

Here are three mood boost tips we think that will make you feel a little better

Watch your comfort show.

Science has proven that rewatching reruns can be good for anxiety. Binge a little.

Give yourself a makeover.

From fake eyelashes to a whole new hair color, now is a great time to experiment with new looks… we all are.

Use the ¨good China.¨

If you are someone that saves the pretty items for company – use the good China. A pretty tea cup can make your caffeine fix feel like a pamper.

As the world returns to normal slowly, you can find small ways to find your own normal. Be kind to yourself. You are worth it.