Becoming A Drone Pilot Key Steps

Drone piloting industry is expanding quickly in the recent days, and it includes occupations ranging from surveying to cinematography. So, if you are interested in Becoming A Drone Pilot, there are unalienable steps you must follow. Here are some of the critical steps.

FAA licensing and certification

You are required by law to get certified or licensed before starting to make money by flying drones. Certification begins with getting Part 107 unmasked aircraft systems remote pilot certificate. Requirements for certification include:
• 16 years of age and above Passing of aeronautical knowledge tests and FAA approval upon passing the test
• TSA security screening

Practice safety

Practice for safety is essential whether you are learning to fly a quadcopter or you are a drone pilot expert. Practicing improves skills and experience. When practicing all you need is to avoid public as you may injure bystanders.

Observe the steps for the better in the drone piloting industry