Buying The Best Organic Shampoo Bars

A shampoo bar is an all-natural, conditioning shampoo in a solid bar form. Eco- friendly and long-lasting, shampoo bars create a good amount of lather and clean the scalp and hair without stripping off the natural protective oils. There are three types of shampoo bars- cold-pressed shampoo bars, glycerin-based shampoo bars, and solid surfactant shampoo bars. If you are looking to buy the best organic shampoo bars, choosing cold-pressed bars would be highly recommended. To know why?-read the guide below.

1: Contain Nourishing Oils

These types of shampoo bars contain natural, replenishing ingredients like castor oil, coconut oil, argan oil, or hemp seed oil that help condition hair locks and leave them feeling soft and silky.

2: Contain Natural Perfumes

Most of these types of organic shampoo bars use natural perfumes like rosemary and tea tree essential oils for fragrance as well as for its therapeutic benefits.

3: Chemical Free

Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS) is a commonly used chemical used in shampoos and soaps to create lather. The chemical, when used on hair, can not only dry out or further damage your hair, but can also irritate sensitive skin. Unlike solid surfactant shampoo bars that contain SLS, cold-pressed bars are SLS free.

For best results, use a clarifying product ( such as apple cider vinegar) to rinse hair after using a cold-pressed shampoo bar.