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The Use Of MS4 Permit

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit better known as the MS4 Permit is the regulatory requirement that is under the provisions of the Virginia Stormwater Management Act. Under the MS4 Permit the Stormwater management checks that all sewer systems are in line with the proper discharge mechanism of all the flows from municipal separate storm sewer operations.

The MS4 Grant covers entities that are controlled or managed by a State, municipality, or township. The system is for handling or dispatching stormwater; that is not a connected gutter and is not a division of a publicly held operation activities.

The purpose of the permit is to enhance the stormwater goals. The administrators are monitoring the license work with each district to assist them in complying with the terms of these licenses, using a regional and watershed particular program, rules and procedures.

BMPs To Stop Stormwater Pollution

There are a lot of companies out there looking for the best management practices (BMPs) when it comes to managing stormwater pollution. Some options work better than others. Here are some BMP stormwater ideas to consider.

Contain spills and leaks as much as possible

Containing spills and leaks can make a huge different if they are controlled from the very beginning. Liquids not getting in drains can be very beneficial.

Cover any outdoor storage

Any type of precipitation can really do some damage. Covering areas where things are stored can help keep stormwater pollution down. The same goes for areas where waste is collected.

Improve over landscaping

Having more trees, bushes and more at a facility can go a long way towards stopping stormwater pollution. They are able to absorb water on a consistent basis to keep everything else looking a bit better overall.