Checklist For Caravan Hire Geelong Inclusions

When renting a caravan, you should ask the owner about the standard inclusions in their packages. Most of them will throw in a lot of stuff so that you won’t have to prepare them yourself. This can make a big difference in planning and purchasing leading to your trip.

For example, the outside may be equipped with a power lead, a water hose, a sullage hose, gas bottles, toilet chemicals, a jack, and a hose connector. All these will be handy in connecting the caravan to the facilities at the park. Once plugged in, you will enjoy the modern comforts like you do in your home.

Inside, you might find caravan hire Geelong inclusions like pots, pans, plates, mugs,cups, knives, bowls, towels, can openers, cutlery, and cooking utensils. Some might even include an electric jug, a microwave, a broom, a dust pan, and dish detergent. See how many of each there are so you can bring more if you need to.