Cooling Weighted Blanket Benefits

To have a blanket on you in the summers can make you feel downright uncomfortable. But, if you one of those who are used to sleeping in the comfort and security of your weighted blanket, opting for the cooling weighted blanket would be a perfect choice. This type of bedding has a quilted construction and is lightweight as they contain more glass beads rather than dense polyester filling. To know how these blankets can help you sleep soundly all night, read the following guide below.

1: Battles Night Sweats

If you are a hot sleeper, using these cooling blankets will help prevent the dreaded night sweats. Typically made of bamboo fabric, these blankets help wick moisture away rather than absorb it. As a result, you stay cool, dry, and comfortable and enjoy the calming effects of the weighted blanket without the added heat.

2: Regulates Body Temperature

The production of melatonin and human growth hormone in the body contribute to a sleepy state and ensure that we get a good night’s sleep. However, when body temperature is high, the production of melatonin is inhibited, leading to insomnia. Sleeping under a cooling weighted blanket helps regulate your body temperature, helping you sleep better naturally.

3: Reduces Anxiety

Apart from using deep touch pressure stimulation that helps soothe aches and increase relaxation, these type of weighted blankets gives one a feeling of being hugged and helps treat disorders like insomnia and anxiety, promoting quality sleep.

To buy the best cooling weighted blanket, ensure that you choose the one that includes a duvet cover, is durable and weighs 5-10% of your body weight.