Copper Still Construction Fun

Copper Still Construction was once a historic art past from father to son; it was a trade preformed by skilled men. Today, anyone with a computer and a hardware store can either purchase an existing model or buy the parts to create their own copper still. To begin, the still sits on a stone furnace, the still is filled with mash, and as the furnace begins to create steam the steam passes through copper piping. The copper piping is vital; it passes through cold water to return the steam to liquid and collects the alcohol in the worm box.

The key to copper still construction is the metal work. The copper pipe or worm is the key part of the still that collects the vapors and returns them to liquid. With one sheet of copper you can cut the parts: Top Frustum, Bottom Frustum, Cap Frustum, Flake Stand, Flake Stand Wall, Coller, Lyne Arm, top, and bottom. Using simple tools, and after a quick expert video, you’ll be enjoy copper still construction.