Free Chemistry Databases On The Web

What is Free Chemistry Databases?

A team of advisory groups who together contributes to data sources, detailed summaries and a deposited compound counts found on the web.

With detailed structures, specters, and properties as well as structural searches such as protein databases, free Zinc databases with virtual screening in structural 2 D or 3 D.

You can find databases of mass spectral of high quality as well as Spectral databases specifically for Organic Compounds.

Complex Crystal structures, inorganic or a collection of organic structures known as Crystallography even has its own databases accessible on these free chemistry databases.

Databases from all over could be found (different countries) like the United States of America, Finland even Japan but are all patented for obvious reasons. These can be found on the patent databases if so needed.

With over eight million chemically unique databases with searchable structures with over thirty million molecules and found in trivia, formulae and tabular references as in traditional handbook reference styles.