Graphic Photography Los Angeles

Being rather costly though, a compromise could be reached if a faster lSO film were used. Focal lengths that you should look out for are the 70- 200mm range, or the slightly longer zoom lens with a focal length of 75-500mm. If you are interested in photographing birds you might consider the older catadioptric (mirror lens) with a focal length of 500mm and a magnification ratio of 10x, but they are generally very slow with a fixed aperture of f8. If price is irrelevant, look out for a 500mm f4.5 or a 600mm f4.

Is there a cheaper way of getting into Graphic Photography in Los Angeles? There sure is – if you have a moderate telephoto lens, you can increase the focal length by adding a converter. A 50mm could be extended to a 100mm with the inclusion of a 2x converter.