Guide To Driving Record Expungement

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) has far-reaching consequences. The charges may affect your eligibility for certain employment opportunities, particularly when applying for jobs that involve the use of a company vehicle. In addition, your car insurance premiums will be higher.

However, it may be possible to qualify for a pardon, which effectively restores privileges and rights lost due to the criminal record. The pardon brings welcome relief, but may not automatically lead to the restoration a license. You will need to reapply if the license was permanently revoked.

Eligibility for Driving Record Expungement

Since pardons are only granted in limited cases, it is prudent to consult an attorney to obtain legal advice. State laws stipulate varying eligibility criteria.

An application should be submitted to the Board of Pardons, which conducts thorough investigations regarding your case. Depending on the board’s findings, you may be granted a hearing. If the application is successful, a notice of the hearing will be published in state and county newspapers. The Board of Pardons may request input from the Board of Parole if you served a prison term in relation to the DUI record.