Guide To Roof Panels Newcastle

In addition to the technique used to seal a flat roof, it should be noted that there are different sealing materials. Depending on your project, you can use bitumen waterproofing: traditional solution par excellence that comes in the form of bitumens membranes. The liquid sealing system (SEL) can also be used. It creates a membrane for roof panels Newcastle without any connection, which limits the risk of infiltration. This technique is however much more complex to implement.

Synthetic waterproofing membranes: there are alternatives to bitumen, which are fixed without a torch. In particular, EPDM (hot-air or glue-bonded rubber membrane) or PVC (plastic rolls bonded or attached to hot air) are used.

On top of the waterproofing membrane, it is sometimes necessary to place a protective layer, for example chippings or flooring. Some membranes, such as polymer bitumen, PVC or EPDM, do not require a protective layer.