Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting Uses

Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting is very durable and versatile and can be used for various reasons. One of the major uses for this sheeting is for temporary protection or shelter. It can withstand high winds and is a strong material that can hold up against the elements such as rain, sun and snow. Many people also use plastic sheeting for covering outdoor equipment, furniture and woodpiles. It can also use it to cover outdoor air conditioners and for waterproofing backyard ponds. This type of sheeting can also be used to cover flooring, carpeting, counter-tops and furniture when taking on remodeling and painting projects around the house. It is also ideal for covering broken windows, missing doors and holes in roofs until repairs can be made. There are various grades, thickness and gauges of plastic sheeting available as well as a variety of sizes to fit specific needs.

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