Masks For Kids

Wearing a mask to cover the nose and mouth has become necessary due to the risk of catching Covid-19 virus. Surgical masks with higher level of protection are needed only for medical professionals or people taking care of coronavirus infected patients. For most other people, a cotton face mask is sufficient for the basic protection. This coverage provides protection from sprays, dust, particles, liquid droplets and foreign objects. A big advantage of this mask is that it is reusable and washable. It helps reduce the plastic waste being generated by the extensive use of single-use masks.

It is important to note that a cotton mask manufacturer does not make any claim of preventing infection or protection from the transmission of viruses. It only limits how far the wearer’s cough drops and breath can travel. It provides protection to other people and they cannot get infected easily even when the wearer is infected. It is also necessary to follow all other medical guidelines for maximum protection from coronavirus.