NDIS OT Kalgoorlie Problems

Problems awaiting NDIS OT Kalgoorlie candidates are more than just locally, but a problem affecting many across the globe.
As per the usual or natural problems OT’s face in the rural areas in Australia, the disabled patients, unfortunately, falls in that category of demographics that affect the OT’s work situation negatively.

As the problem lies with the migration out of the rural areas by the healthy and young patients, that do not need OT’s unless disabled or having a dilapidating illness, to the more urban and wealthier areas.
As the NDIS is state-run it falls onto the state facilities which already have a crumbling or suffering infrastructure under the ratios of all state health workers vs. the patients.

So the OT’s problems are quite severe when it comes to disabled persons as all factors above increase exponentially when working with them but not seen in the demographic distribution tables as it concentrates on general patients and general health worker ratios which is more needed but not supplied.