Precautions To Take When Installing A Pool Heater

When pool season is in full swing, it can be tempting to make the most of your pool by installing a pool heater. Whether you are looking for convenience or lower energy bills, there are many reasons to install one. But before you decide on which pool heater to buy and how to install it, take some time to consider what precautions need to be taken when installing a pool heater. This blog post will provide 3 main points that every pool owner should know about before purchasing and installing their new heating system.

1) Make sure the power supply is nearby
Even if your current pool pump and filter are in another location of your yard or pool area, this doesn’t mean they will be close enough for a new pool heater. When choosing where to install your pool heater, it is important to consider how much power the pool heater will need to operate effectively.

2) Consider water quality before buying a pool heater
Not all pool heaters are created equal, which is especially true when it comes to the quality of water they can handle. For example, a pool heater that uses chlorine as its main form of sanitization might not be the best option if you have a well or use city water with low chlorine levels.

3) Use an experienced professional pool heater installer.
Pool heater installation can be tricky, so you should always use pool heating service companies in your area with the proper experience and equipment to do it right. Improper installations could cause damage or injury, so pool heater installation is best left up to experienced professionals.

Pool heater installation is relatively easy, and pool heating equipment comes in various options to fit any homeowner’s needs.