Pure & Strong Himalayan Mad Honey Nepal

Mad honey is derived from beeswax that is extracted by heating honey to above 160 degrees Fahrenheit. In small doses, taken in a single spoonful of heated honey, mad honey’s active effects are quite stimulating, adding a sensation of uplifting, calming euphoria combined with an overall feeling of peaceful contentment. For those who enjoy drinking it hot or at room temperature, mad honey is wonderful for those after a good massage or a relaxing evening at home.

To date, Mad Honey Nepal is distributed throughout the world, where it is sourced from Nepal. You can purchase this type of honey online as well. If you would instead buy your honey directly from Nepal, the only thing you need to do is send them an order for a large order of Mad Honey Nepal, and most suppliers will be glad to send it to you. You can visit their websites and place your order.