Roseberry Lipsense Plumps Your Lips

Roseberry Lipsense is a matte rosy pink tone that is semi-muted and that will highlight your lips. It will also give your lips that kissable look. This product is waterproof and it is also smudge and smear proof. It does contain alcohol and may slightly burn when you first apply it. The burning sensation is normal, but it will not last for long. It is important to apply the moisturizing gloss on top of this color. It will make the color pop and will make your lips feel great. The gloss helps to set the color. Without the gloss, your lips may feel sticky. Plus, if you do not use the gloss, the color will not last. You can use other shades to create the perfect blend for the look you desire. If you want your lips to look plump and sexy this color is for you.