Taking Advantage Of The Crypto Market Scanner

If a stock has flamed and is weighing more than 20% of your portfolio, do not hesitate: take a portion of your profits. However, deductions are applicable depending on the duration of the securities. The same goes for dividends that support the progressive tax after applying a non-discharging withholding tax of 21%. In addition, a 40% deduction is applied on these pre-tax dividends as shown by the Crypto Market Scanner.

Value investing looks for individual securities that are undervalued. This process is also referred to as stock picking in the case of stocks. In order to do so, one tries to determine the intrinsic value of the considered securities by means of the fundamental analysis.

This would mean that the price-to-value (P / W) ratio is equal to 1 at all times and therefore no decision could be made as to which shares are valued below the intrinsic value of the company and the value investing would be invalid.