The Custom Trucker Hats Scenario.

Have you ever watched the Stallone movie, Over The Top, where just before he starts an arm-wrestling match he always turned his cap around, his switch to go into concentration mode as per his character, and ends up always beating his opponent!

Well, even before that movie, which did increase the sales as well, truckers have always worn these caps as a way of keeping the sun out of their eyes while driving or walking around.

But once this movie got around and the sales increased, the Custom Trucker Hats made its appearance on the scene.

Having logos of trucking companies, haulage company brands, and even the products that they haul on the hats as decals created a new market for advertising which later branched out into the sports market like baseball caps and hats to mention just one.

It just goes to show how one movie can influence an industry and spread to another.