The Real Deal With Marketing And Recruitment

The marketing and recruitment departments of a company must work together to ensure that only the best person is hired for the job. This is especially true when the professional being sought needs to fill a high-ranking position. HR or the hiring department can best find the perfect candidate when the communication line between the two departments concerned is completely open.

HR just can’t come up with a position description without prior consultation. True, professionals in the department are expected to have a solid grounding in business psychology, job metrics, and employee compensation. However, not all marketing departments are the same.

The trick is to tailor-fit the position requirements after the specific needs of the department that needs the manpower. Such things as work culture, group dynamics, and office politics must be given adequate thought so that no stones are left unturned in hiring an expert who isn’t only a perfect fit but one who is also likely to last in the position.

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