The Role Of Digital Marketing Consultants

It should not replace all the traditional channels (emailing, phoning, field prospecting), which remain essential for communicating with mature B2B prospects. Indeed, the chatbot is more like a pre-qualification tool for part of the prospects: the early-adopters.

However, the central mission of the strategy is to control the funnel of conversion from a prospect to a customer. The first step in this cycle is to attract the prospect: this is where the bot and Digital Marketing Consultants can intervene in the most effective way. It is also useful in collecting data on Internet users, without them having the usual pressure of a commercial.

Adapt the graphics and the voice of the bot to those of your company. Today, the optimization of UX (customer experience) is at the heart of the concerns. This is why the graphic charter of the bot (logo, colors, design) as well as the structure of the messages must be in adequacy with the personality of your B2B company.