What Features Do You Need In A Market Scanning Software?

You have to use a market scanning software to find the most profitable stocks. It should be intuitive, easy to use, work with global markets, and able to scan hundreds of stocks within seconds. Use a software with advanced and powerful scanning tool. You can practice trading using its training mode. There are exclusive indicators that give you an edge against other traders.

If you are not sure about a software’s usefulness to you, use its free trial option. You can try it for free for a week. Purchase it after that if you find it useful. The paid software comes with many more features and benefits. It has several tools that make scanning easier.

Can you look for the events and patterns at the set entry and exit points? What are the most active stocks? Can you scan current and past stocks? Can you search stocks based on candlestick patterns? Does it allow you to search stocks by earnings, dividend yield, PE ratio, EPS and other criteria? Check all these things when selecting a market scanner software.