Why Choose A Canvas Duffle Bag?

A great alternative to backpacks or suitcases, duffle bags are built take a beating and are easy to load and carry. The bags are available in a wide range of materials including, canvas, leather, and nylon. To choose the best duffle bag, know what each of these has to offer in the guide below.

1: Canvas Duffle bag

Canvas one of the most popular types of material used for duffle bags as it is a good compromise between affordability and quality. Canvas bags not only look attractive but can all take all the abuse — whether tossed in the gym or being shoved under airplane seats. Less expensive than their leather counterparts canvas bags can be washed in a washing machine and are easy to be maintained.

2: Leather Canvas bag

If you are looking for a durable duffle bag, the leather one would be an ideal choice. Duffle bags made in full-grain leather and faux leather look quite stylish and are truly a class apart.

3: Nylon Duffle bag

Nylon is a great choice for all those looking for a water-resistant duffle bag. Nylon is a durable material and helps maintain the duffle bag to stay in good shape for years to come.

Whether you are venturing across the world on an expedition or are driving up to a cabin for the weekend or traveling by air, choosing the best duffle bag can make your journey a comfortable and enjoyable one.