You’ll Be Surprised By What The Best Manuka Honey Can Do

With the best manuka honey, you can effectively expedite the natural, healing process for a broad range of skin ailments. These include athlete’s foot, mild burns, cuts and abrasions. Surprisingly, however, applying this honey to large cysts such as those that are caused by staph infection, can actually eliminate the outward signs of the infection while clearing the problem up internally. Many forms of staph are now entirely antibiotic-resistant, which means that they can’t be effectively terminated via pharmaceutical treatments.

If you suffer from staph and have not yet obtained any lasting results from pharmaceutical products, you may want to try using this this honey both topically and orally instead. Several, topical applications will usually cause cystic skin bumps to dry out. Adding a teaspoon of this raw honey to your diet will also make the body more effective at fighting the infection internally. People have been using honey as a healing aid since the ancient times. This honey in particular, however, has long been known for its impressive, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It is even a surprisingly effective anti-viral agent given its ability to bolster and support the human immune system when used properly and in conjunction with other natural additions such as herbs.