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Self Defence Classes For Women

There are many benefits to enrolling in self defence classes for women. Learning self defence is an excellent way to get physically fit, as students must exercise various parts of the body. Not only will it make your muscles stronger and leaner, but it will also help you to lose weight.

It is important that women learn how to defend themselves against an attacker, especially women who live or travel alone. Self defence will teach a woman the tactics necessary to defend herself and get away from an attacker to avoid harm.

In self defence classes, you will be taught the proper methods for hitting, punching, kicking and striking. You will be taught how to defend yourself even against a person who is bigger than yourself. The aim of self defence is not to be an aggressor, but to learn how to fend off an aggressor.

Why Every Woman Needs Self Defense Classes

If you consider yourself a smart woman, you should not leave your personal security in the hands of any other person. With all the insecurity in different parts of the world today, it pays to take a self-defense course or two. Below are some womens self defence classes you should take any why you need these courses.

Kick Boxing
Tae Kwando
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Boxing is called the sweet science of self defense and it is a useful skill to have. Take classes in boxing and you can knockout would-be rapists and other miscreants with just one solid punch. Wrestling and Judo will teach you all the choke, grappling and holding skills to neutralize anybody who wants to molest you. Take classes in Kick Boxing, Tae Kwando, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Kung-Fu and you will become a potent weapon even when you are not armed. These classes are great for you because they will keep you alive, safe and healthy.

Study The Martial Arts In Western Sydney

When it comes to martial arts Western Sydney area residents have a wide variety of choices. Some areas only have a few schools that generally offer some form of Karate or Judo, but you can find nearly anything in the region if you’re willing to look. Those who want something steeped in tradition may want to look into T’ai Chi Ch’uan classes or opt for a strict Hapkido regimen.

If you’re interested in doing something that most Australian martial artists don’t get a chance to try, then you might want to study the art of the Bō staff. This unique Japanese martial art is still rare in Australia, but some schools in Western Sydney have started to offer it. Practical modern martial arts have their place as well, considering the recent popularity of Krav Maga and Systema schools in the area.